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Axe Throwing Birthday Parties in centennial

Sharpen Your Birthday fun with Double Edge Axe

Are you seeking an extraordinary and thrilling way to celebrate your birthday in the Centennial area? Look no further than our axe throwing birthday parties! Bid farewell to the conventional cake and candles and embrace a new level of excitement.

Our friendly staff will guarantee a seamless experience as you and your friends, enjoy the time of your lives. Don’t settle for a mundane birthday celebration – book an axe throwing party and create an unforgettable experience!

axe throwing makes for a fun birthday party for people of all ages in the Centennial area

Don't settle for ordinary – choose us and
discover the "Axe-traordinary!"

Exceptional Axe Throwing Venue

When you opt for Double Edge Axe to host your birthday celebration, you’re making a distinctive choice that will undoubtedly keep your guests buzzing with excitement for years to come. Our indoor axe throwing venue exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere that will immerse your partygoers in a genuine adventure, ensuring that your birthday celebration becomes an unforgettable journey.

Unforgettable Experience

At Double Edge Axe, we believe that birthdays should be celebrated with a dash of excitement and a heap of fun. That’s why we offer axe throwing as a unique and unforgettable experience for your special day. Axe throwing is not just a game; it’s an exhilarating activity that brings out the inner lumberjack in everyone. Whether you’re new to axe throwing or an experienced pro, our expert instructors will ensure your birthday party is a smashing success.

Unique Targets + digital scoring

Elevate your birthday party to an entirely new level of excitement and engagement at our facility. Our cutting-edge experience includes projected targets with interactive games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Line-Up-Four, Duck Hunter, and a variety of others! We ensure that your celebration remains vibrant and entertaining from start to finish, creating unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

Safety First

Safety takes precedence at Double Edge Axe. We furnish you with essential safety equipment, including top-notch axes, anti-bounce borders, and safety-engineered end-grain targets. Our experienced and friendly staff is on hand to provide expert guidance. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your birthday party will deliver both exhilarating fun and unwavering security. Our facilities cater to participants of all skill levels, from those taking their first swing to seasoned axe aficionados.

Book Your Axe Throwing
Birthday Party Today!

Why settle for an ordinary birthday bash when you can embark on an “axe-tastic” adventure at Double Edge Axe! Reach out to us today to secure your birthday booking and begin crafting an event that will leave a lasting mark on you and your guests. Prepare for a pulse-pounding, laughter-infused birthday experience that stands in a league of its own! Looking for availability for exclusive reservations? Contact us to inquire.

Axe Throwing Gift Cards for Double Edge Axe

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