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Experience the Excitement of Axe Throwing at Double Edge Axe

Looking for an unmatched axe throwing experience in Centennial, CO? Look no further than Double Edge Axe, the premier venue that guarantees a fun and unique time. Our facility is perfect for various occasions like birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building events, company gatherings, and more!

With 10 single-axe throwing lanes and four double-lane bays that also serve as WATL lanes, our facility offers a total of 18 targets, including not just axes but also throwing stars, and knives. Each target is equipped with an interactive projected target system featuring exciting games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Zombie Hunter.

Experience the thrill at Double Edge Axe – the ultimate venue for axe throwing entertainment in Centennial, CO.

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Unforgettable Axe Throwing Parties and Events

Plan a Stress-Free Experience for Your Guests

Discover an unforgettable experience at Double Edge Axe in Centennial, CO – our unique axe throwing facility features a full bar, snacks, and an unparalleled atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else!

Birthday Parties

Alright, party people! Get ready to have a blast on your birthday! Instead of worrying about boring old cake and candles, how about trying your hand at some axe throwing? You and your crew will have the time of your lives with our expert team making sure everything goes off without a hitch.
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Wedding Parties

You or someone you know getting married? Add an exhilarating twist to your upcoming nuptials! Our axe throwing facility offers a perfect combination of adrenaline-pumping activities and unforgettable memories. Gather your crew and let the festivities begin!

Company Events

Ignite camaraderie, boost morale, and strengthen teamwork with our exhilarating axe throwing activities in Centennial. Whether it's a corporate event or team building session, our facility provides the perfect environment to bond with colleagues while having a blast.
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No matter the occasion in Centennial, our axe throwing facility is the perfect venue for your special event. Whether it's an anniversary celebration or a family reunion, we have the expertise and resources to create an exceptional experience.
What should you expect when you arrive?



Please arrive 15 minutes early for your reservation. If you haven’t signed the waiver yet, you will be prompted to do so during check-in.


Meet Your Coach

Our expert axe coach will cover important safety instructions to ensure the well-being of you and your party.



Your coach will guide you on setting up games using our projected system, as well as teach you how to throw and hit the bullseye.


Enjoy your "Axe-Perience"

Now that you’re settled in, get ready for a unique axe throwing experience exclusive to Double Edge Axe.

Parts of an axe

From cold beer to signature cocktails, our friendly bartenders are ready to quench your thirst while you enjoy the excitement of axe throwing. Celebrate your successes, toast unforgettable moments, and bring out your competitive spirit – all at one venue in Centennial at Double Edge Axe.

Cheers to Thrills and Cold Drinks at Our
Axe Throwing Venue!

Welcome to Double Edge Axe Throwing, Denver's premier axe throwing venue!

Experience the adrenaline rush of axe throwing. No matter if you’re a seasoned thrower or a first-timer, our state-of-the-art axe throwing venue in Centennial offers an inviting and exciting environment perfect for all skill levels.

At Double Edge Axes, we’re much more than just an axe throwing provider. We’ve transformed axe throwing into an accessible and engaging social activity. With experienced instructors to guide you and proprietary safety measures in place, we ensure your experience is fun, exciting, and safe.

Looking for axe throwing near you? Our establishment is easily accessible, making us the perfect destination for axe throwing. More than just an axe throwing bar, our goal is to pioneer a community culture revolving around this thrilling pastime.

Join us at our axe throwing bar, immerse yourself in the ancient art of axe throwing, enjoy a refreshing drink from our extensive selection, and engage in a competitive yet friendly spirit with your friends. Our axe bar gives axe throwing a modern twist, marrying the exhilarating sport with a unique bar atmosphere.

Whether it’s a casual game on a Friday night, or a company team-building event, Double Edge Axe Throwing is your go-to axe throwing venue in the Denver area.

There’s an undeniable satisfaction in hearing the thwack of an axe hitting wood, and our aim is nothing short than to provide that experience. We also offer the unique addition of digital targets with a variety of game options. Another aspect that sets us apart is not only do we offer axes, we also offer throwing stars, knives and spheres. Let the excitement of axe throwing take hold, step into our world at Double Edge Axe throwing, and book your experience today!

Axe throwing has quickly risen to popularity as a unique, entertaining, and surprisingly beneficial activity for corporate events and parties. This novel team-building exercise transcends the traditional confines, providing an exciting alternative to the standard outings or retreats. Here’s why axe throwing makes for an excellent corporate experience:

  • Promotes Team Bonding: Axe throwing often entails participants working together in teams, contributing to improved rapport and camaraderie. The shared thrill of trying something new fosters a sense of togetherness, boosting morale and facilitating deeper employee relationships.
  • Encourages Healthy Competition: Axe throwing involves a point system, breeding a fun and healthy competitive spirit within the group. This friendly competition can motivate employees and bring out their ambitious side, which may transfer to a productive work environment.
    Increases Confidence: Mastering the technique to successfully throw an axe and hit the target is a powerful confidence booster. This increased self-assurance can carry over to the workplace, bolstering an individual’s approach to challenges or tasks.
  • Stress Relief: The physical activity involved in axe throwing can serve as an effective stress reliever. The act of throwing an axe towards a target allows individuals to release built-up tension, which may contribute to enhanced mental well-being and productivity at work.
    Accessible Activity: Axe throwing is inclusive; it doesn’t require any previous experience or a particular athletic ability. Anyone can participate, making it a perfect choice for diverse work groups.
  • Skills Development: Axe throwing is not just about strength, but also about precision, focus, and consistency – skills that are valuable in a corporate setting. Employees may find themselves applying the lessons learned during axe throwing to their work.
  • Fun, Unique Experience: It’s a break from the norm! This innovative activity is ideal for groups looking for a distinct and memorable event. These experiences can help companies stand out as engaging and forward-thinking employers.

Axe throwing offers more than just an enjoyable day out; it is a unique, invigorating, and enriching experience that could help attendants develop both personally and professionally. With its myriad benefits, it’s no wonder that increasing numbers of corporates are opting for axe throwing for their team events.

Whether you are looking for a fun night out with a few friends, or planning a corporate event or group party, Double Edge Axe Throwing is committed to offering you the most unique experience in the Denver area.

We can’t wait to see you!

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